How to take BCS Exam Preparation Step by Step in 2023

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Tell me. Do you want to take BCS Exam Preparation at one time or over and time?

I know what your answer is. You want to take preparation one time but completely. Most of the people want that. Because, we will not do hard work again and again. That is the fact.

We can compare to BCS like a Journey. It is not Journey by Train. But it is Journey with your patience.

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If you want to overcome BCS journey at one time. This article only for you. You know, BCS preparation is test of patience. I will discuss about full process of your preparation journey.  So, you should read this article with patience and attentively.

Suppose, you will start to take preparation from today. Hopefully, you will be highly benefited from this article.

Let’s start….

What is Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS)

BCS or Bangladesh Civil Service is a competitive examination in Bangladesh. BCS is conducted by the Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC) for recruitment to the various Bangladesh Civil Service cadres.

Every year most of students attend this exam. About 4 lac students apply to take this examination. But Bangladesh Public Service Commission authority gives opportunity for 2000 student every year.

Exam Methods of BCS

There are three methods of BCS exam.

  • Preliminary Test
  • Written Test
  • Viva

Preliminary test is 200 marks but fixed time is 2 hours. Every question has 1 marks for correct answer and every incorrect answer has 0.50 cut marks.

Written test is 900 marks for general cadre. For technical or professional cadre has more 200 marks written exam in his academic field. Who want to take both general and professional or technical cadre they will attend 900+ 200 = 1100 marks written exam.

Finally viva exam. It has also marks. It is large number of amount marks. It has 200 marks.

BCS Marks Distribution

There are many subjects for BCS exam. Preliminary exam marks distribution.

  • Bangla language and literature – 35 marks
  • English language and literature – 35 marks
  • Bangladesh Affairs 30 marks
  • International Affairs 20 marks
  • Geography ( Bangladesh and World) Environment and Disaster Management – 10 marks
  • General Science – 15 marks
  • Computer and ICT – 15 marks
  • Mathematical logic – 15 marks
  • Mental Ability – 15 marks
  • Ethics, Values and Good Governance – 10 marks

Those 10 subjects for preliminary exam. Total marks 200. Total questions 200 but fixed time is 120 minutes.

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Written marks distribution

  • Bangla 200 marks, fixed time 4 hours
  • English 200 marks, fixed time 4 hours
  • Bangladesh Affairs 200 marks, fixed time 4 hours
  • International Affairs 100 marks, fixed time 3 hours
  • Mathematical logic and Mental ability 100 marks, fixed time 3 hours
  • General Science and Technology 100 marks, fixed time 3 hours

Viva marks distribution

There has lot of marks in viva. Total 200 marks.

Pass marks for BCS Exam

It is tough to say that how many preliminary pass marks is. But overall experience of BCS caders , pass marks vary with questions. If question is hard, so pass marks is less and question is easy, so pass marks is more.

However, it may be 120 – 130 marks is save zone for preliminary cover.

After passing preliminary, you have to attend written exam. Bangladesh Public Service Commission authority announced only 50% is enough to pass. That means 450 marks is enough for written exam pass. But, if you want to be Cadre it’s your turning point to get opportunity. So, try to take preparation at least 95% syllabus.

Then, finally viva exam. If you passed written exam, you will get opportunity to attend viva. Your viva marks is 200.

If you’re written and viva marks is good enough. So, you will become a BCS cadre.

BCS Exam preparation step by step

You are not only examinee. Try to remember all time this sentence. You have to prove your quality the best of the best.

So, this part is very very important for you. Try to keep reading very attentively. You can realize how you will take preparation easily and quickly.

Know about BCS Syllabus

You have finished your academic studies. But I am sure, you didn’t read your academic syllabus A to Z. We know that it is not reading materials.

But only BCS Syllabus is a very important reading materials who want to attend BCS exam. You can say why? I just tell you. If you will read BCS syllabus, you can understand a complete suggestion for your preparation.

Which topics you should read or which topics you should not read, you can understand easily. I will suggest you, read this Syllabus 3 times.

Do you want to read BCS preliminary exam Syllabus now? You can download from here. Click download BCS preliminary syllabus Download Pdf.

After reading preliminary syllabus, you should read written syllabus. Because, your destination not only preliminary pass but also Written pass. If you can carry a good marks. You will become a cadre.

Moreover, your preparation will be completed. Both preliminary and written.

So, now do you want to see written syllabus? So, don’t worry, you can download from here Written Syllabus to click Download Pdf.

Realize your stages

After finishing your syllabus reading. Don’t fear and upset. You are going to BCS journey.

Hopefully, you can understand your stage. I will describe two ways. You can start any way to start your journey.

  • Basic to Advanced preparation
  • Specific preparation

First way is to be Basic to Advanced

If you want to take preparation from start to finish by remove your weakness.

So, I will suggest you just start with Math, English and reading newspaper.

Math preparation Basic to Advanced

Math! Most of the students think it is very hard subject. But if you try to reach basic to advanced level, you should listen my words.

Firstly, you should buy Khairuls Basic Math book by Khairul Alam. I am really fan this books. If you read this book completely, you can understand that how math easy is.

After finishing 3 times, you are completely skilled at Math. In addition, you can read class 6 – 10 math books. Then try to solve any math questions from job question.

You should keep practicing every day. If you want to be expert at math.

English preparation Basic to Advanced

  • Grammar part

For English preparation basic to advanced, you should read a passage to the English language by S.M Zakir Hossain.

Then you should read two books Competitive exam English book and Master English grammar by Zahangir Alam.

Hopefully, you can overcome your English grammar problem. Now, you should focus on vocabulary besides grammar practice.

I have two options to memories vocabulary. Number one is you should read vocabulary books or by reading newspaper.

Vocabulary part

I will suggest you vocabulary books Saifurs vocabulary. There is a secret that you can memories first from Master English grammar book vocabulary chapter. Because, here you can memories with practice some real job exam questions.

Then, try to read saifurs vocabulary. I think, if you follow step by step for memorizing vocabulary. You will overcome this vocabulary part.

Written part

There are no options without writing to learn writing. So, start writing as soon as possible. If you think that what I will write. I just tell you, you can start to write anything.

For example, you’re daily activities or your goals whatever. But you should write daily 400 – 500 words.

When you reach a standard level, you should be try to write about contemporary issues.

Bangla preparation for BCS Exam

In BCS exam, Bangla is also critical. So, how to take preparation easily. Just listen, first you read Bangla preliminary and written syllabus. Then, most important part is Bangla literature and Bangla Grammar. For Bangla Literature, you can read from any guide book. Try to memories with writing.

Then, Bangla Grammar. It is very easy if you can finish Nine – Ten Bangla 2nd paper text book. It is very short book but very important. All about Bangla Grammar questions is from this book.

Then, try to solve topics with practice one by one.

Bangla has also some memorizing part. You can memories from any guide book. Spelling is a very important part of Bangla preparation.

General science preparation for BCS Exam

You can collect SSC and HSC science books. If your basic is so weak. Then, try to read one by one. You can practice with general science guide book.

Mental ability and Mathematical Logic

It is tough to say that you read and you will get answer your question. Because mental ability and Mathematical logic is very tough if you don’t practice daily.

So, I will suggest you that you can buy mental ability book by Khairul Alam.

Take a habit for reading newspaper

If you want to be a BCS cadre, you have to grow a habit that is “Reading Newspaper”. By the way, don’t need to read full newspaper. Just read only editorial page and International news page.

Try to note down in your notebook important information. It is very useful when you will take preparation.

Specific Preparation

Specific preparation means if you determined that you will take BCS preparation, Just start with BCS books.

Firstly, try to finish Syllabus both written and preliminary.

Then, now start your specific preparation. Buy a Professor’s preliminary questions bank book. Then, try to read with explanation very carefully. Find out your weakness topics. Note down in your notebook. Try to solve one by one from specific books.

Then, Buy a BCS series book like Professor’s, MP3 George series or Oracle.

Start to read one by one. Then after three or 6 months later, you can remove almost your weakness.

Then, buy a Model test papers, try to test yourself.

In addition, you should develop your writing habit on contemporary issues.

Some special topics that you have to know

  1. Bangladesh Liberation war History

It is really important topics. When you attend then you realize how important it is. Try to know from books about Liberation war. From preliminary to viva you will get advantage.

2. Constitution of Bangladesh

If you are BCS examinee, It is your duty that you memories important article of Constitution. It also helpful from preliminary exam to viva exam. Ehen you will sit BCS written exam, you should relate with Constitution. It carries good marks to your written exam.

3. Know about Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

Collect all books by written works of his. Moreover, his political life and achievement.

4. Environment

Environment is the vital issue now. So, we can say it is very important to take BCS exam preparation.

5. Spoken English

Not only BCS viva exam, now it is very important to everyone. So, anyhow you should learn Spoken English. Try to learn some important spoken English rules. Then, make a partner for speaking.

Special Advice only for you

  • Mentally prepare yourself that you are starting 2 or 3 years journey.
  • Try to learn thoroughly when you will study a specific topics.
  • Keep continuously studying.
  • Make an actual routine which you can follow.
  • How much time you will study, than more practice.
  • Do focus on your weak point.
  • Remember one words, if you don’t recover your Math and English weakness, you will not get job.
  • It is 100% true words.
  • Best of luck, by the way. Keep patience all time.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is BCS means?

BCS means Bangladesh Civil Service. It controls Bangladesh Public Service Commission.

  • Why do you want to be BCS cadre?

It is very important question, when you will face interview board. So, you will try to answer unique.

I want to be BCS cadre just because Job security, government facility.

Moreover, you will help civil people directly.

  • How do I prepare for BCS?

First, read this article and try to follow all suggestion step by step.

In short, fix a plan. Try to find out your weakness and remove your weakness as soon as possible.

One by one start to read but continuously and patiently.

  • Which book is best for BCS?

I already told about this. To sum up, you can buy English for A passage to the English Language, Master English book, Competitive exam English grammar.


  • Don’t rush when you are taking preparation.
  • Don’t buy many books, because many books less knowledge.
  • Try to read properly
  • Remove your weakness first
  • Be positive that you will get a cadre

I have tried to give suggestions of BCS exam preparation properly. Really happy that you are with me yet. Hopefully, you have read this article very attentively.

If you are interested to apply other Non- Cadre government job, you can visit our website careersband.

Moreover, if you want to other job preparation guidelines, you can follow our Facebook Page.

Best of luck and thanks again for reading this article.

Article Credit : Halima Akter Hima

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