How to take government job preparation easily and quickly

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How to take government job preparation is an important question for everyone who is interested in government jobs.

Government jobs are a precious thing for new job seekers. Everyone wants to get a government job. But it’s impossible to give a job by government authority. In Bangladesh, Government job seats are very few government job seekers.

So, who is trying the best he or she gets the opportunity to be a government employee. I hope you will be lucky one you will avail of a government job.

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In this article, I am going to share with you my secret strategy. If you apply this strategy then you will be successful. But you have to read a full article last to first very attentively.

How to take a government job preparation time

I will divide 3 parts of the preparation time.

Because everyone is not in the same condition in his academic life. I will make 3 parts as 

1. Already who has finished graduation and post-graduation?

2. Who is studying 3rd year or final year?

3. New 1st year and 2nd year.

Now, I will discuss the first one.

Graduation and Post – Graduation

Already they are free from their academic life and have finished graduation and post-graduation.

Now, is the best time to attend to a job. But I think you should try first to take a government job because you have time to attend a government job. You can apply for a government job.

But before you need to know how to take preparation for a government job. Actually, it is uneasy to say because I don’t know what your academic basic condition is. You know better than me.

But I know just one thing if you have no basic knowledge and are good at English and Math. You will not get government.

It’s very true words. So what should you do? You need to check a checklist which I will describe in this article.

3rd Year and Final year

It is high time to take preparation. For this reason that it will be your long-term preparation. You will get two years for taking government job preparation.

Do you want to know how you will start preparing yourself to get a government job?

Just try to read this point from this article.

New 1st year and 2nd-year student

It is not you’re high time to take government job preparation. To be honest, it’s not your high time.

This time just celebrate your honor’s life. But you have to gather knowledge from extra curriculum activities.

You need to attend your academic studies. Because you will study four or five years in this department. So, you should study your academic life very attentively. Why you will study your academic field and how to take government job preparation with your academic studies.

 I will describe it here. Just try to read and find out to solve this situation.

Long-term preparation

Long-term preparation means you should prepare yourself for getting government jobs within two years.

Don’t worry, it’s not much time for 3rd year or final-year students.

But if you have already finished graduation it’s not much time for you.

But you have finished your post-graduation. It’s much time if you have pressure from your family.

If you have no pressure from your family just accept this chance.

But two years is not much time when you will get a government job. I requested to you make sure two years at least.

Ok, now the important question is how to take preparation.

Make a checklist

 Making a checklist is very important. You should test yourself very attentively. I will suggest you some points to note down in your notebook. If possible, you can note it down now.

  •  Are you good at English Language?
  • You can find out from ask those questions.
  •  Did you write two pages without any grammar mistakes?
  •  Can you speak fluently in English?
  • Are you good at Math?
  • Can you solve any math within a few minutes?
  • Can you solve any job math quickly?
  • Free handwriting Skilled in language, Bengali language or English language
  • Can you write any topics in Bengali without grammatical mistakes?
  • How is your writing skills level?

How to take a government job preparation step by step

I will discuss how to take a government job preparation step by step. Just follow this instruction. It will be helpful for you.

Improve your basic knowledge

You should know English and Math first. Because all job seekers are good at all subjects without English and Math.

Now, I will share with you how to learn basic knowledge about Math and English.

For learning English, A Passage to the English Language written by S.M. Zakir Hossain Sir is the best book ever. You can follow this book to gather basic knowledge English Language.

For good at Math, You should follow Khairuls Basic Math written by Md. Khairul Alam Sir is the best book ever. You can follow this book. I am ensuring it helps you a lot. When you will be benefited from this book. Just you will remember me.

To improve your language Bangla or English, you should read newspaper editorial pages in Bangla or English both.

After one months later, you will be able to write anything without hesitation.

Moreover, your writing quality will be good day by day.

The rest of the other subjects are general knowledge and science.

You should read the newspaper and watch International news every day. It will be helpful for general knowledge.

For science subjects, you can follow the MP3 science book. Or try to read from six to SSC science textbooks.

Short-term preparation

Short-term preparation means you have little time to take government job preparation.

So, you should not waste time. First, match your capacity with a checklist. Then try to solve your basic problem.

Then, collect one set of books from popular publications. Try to check when you will buy it. Two or three books will keep together then find out which books are best for you.

Then, go to your reading room and finally absorbed your studies for getting a government job.

When you will finish your books then buy a book which books only for this job exam, you want to attend.

Then see previous years’ questions. Try to solve without seeing an answer. If you don’t solve it, find out and note it down in your notebook. Which topics are not clear yet?

Then, read from your government job preparation books.

I believe, in this way, you will be highly benefited. Just apply.

Make a routine

Everyone makes a routine. I don’t support routine. Because a student makes many routines. But can’t follow. I have a solution. But it is a secret because I apply all time.

It is very easy to make. Just need a notebook. From morning to night, you will write a subject or topic. Then you will read quickly.

You will try to keep it on your table. So, when you see that very few topics or subjects have been studied today.

Then you will think I have to add more subjects or topics. Similarly, the next day you will try, after 7 days later.

You will see your progress. Definitely, you will make a better preparation for getting a government job.

Create a CV

You should make a curricular Vita. It is very important to apply for this job. Because many job holders want CVs from applicants.

So, create a nice CV for getting a government job.


For getting a government job you should read more and more. We know that. But we don’t know one thing that communication is a way to get a government job.

Do you know how and with who can you communicate? I think you don’t know.

You should communicate with your seniors in your department who have already joined government jobs.

Try to ask them. How did they take preparation?  Then follow this instruction.

Moreover, In your village or area, people who have already joined government jobs. You can connect with them. Tell him to give you advice for government job preparation.

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Apply to job

Finally, now you are prepared for a government job. So, you should attend the job exam. But you don’t know how to apply. Don’t worry. You will visit our website careersband. Here will have many government job circulars. You can apply from this website. Because here has clearly described for government job circular is.


  • Don’t give a bribe to someone for a government job.
  • Don’t follow an illegal way to get a government job.
  • There is no short way to succeed in government jobs.
  • Stay with your passion.
  • You take some time more, don’t worry.
  • Try to update all time you can follow our Facebook Page for more updates.
  • Take preparation first then apply.
  • Don’t waste money without taking preparation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I get a government job?

A. You can get a government job if you set a goal, make a plan, and do basic strong, especially Math and English.

Q. Which degree is best for a government job?

A. in Bangladesh, There has no specific degree best for government jobs. Any field or department student is the same for a government job.

But some technical field is related to government job.

Q. How do I study for a government job?

A. Firstly you have to determine whether to get a government job. Then try to read more and more to remove your weakness. You should study daily.

Q. Why do we need government jobs?

A. To live a better life, to get privilege all kinds of. We can say lead a permanent income.

Q. Is a private job better than a government job?

A. If we think long-term, a government job is better. Though private job has more salary.

Q. Government jobs preparation books in Bangladesh.

A. You can go to the library and search for which books are better for you.

But I suggest you for Bangla Nine – Ten Bangla Textbook,

For English a passage to the English Language.

For Math Khairuls basic math.

And for other subjects, you can buy any series book.

To know any other question please read this article first to last. You will get answers to your all questions.

I hope, still you are with me in reading this article. Hopefully, you can gather knowledge on how to take government job preparation. Now, just you need to apply. So, don’t be late. Try to follow this article if you think it is a useful article and will be helpful for you. Stay connected with us.

I think you have questions. So, you can share with us in the comment box below.

Article Credit : Halima Akter Hima

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