How to Take Primary School Job Preparation Simply and Easily

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Primary school job preparation is not only a job preparation but also it is a great chance to serve a nation.

Do you want to be a part of making a nation? Surely, I am going to share with you the whole process of that. I am sure, after reading this article you will find out an effective guideline for you.

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You already know, every year DPE or Director of Primary Education Authority are looking for a lot of vacancies. About 15,000 to 20,000 empty vacancies.  You can be a primary school teacher. Just follow my strategy and apply it to your study plan. So, let’s start to know.

Check yourself

You can read this article if you are determined to get a primary school job at any cost. Can you keep your word? Because, when I will tell you my strategy then you will follow or not.

That is my question. I don’t say, you should follow my all rules but I say if you like or comfort with this strategy then you can follow it.

Primary School Job Preparation Step by step

I just want to divide 2 parts of the job preparation process.

1. Who is already getting prepared?

2. Who wants to get prepared from now?

Already getting preparation

I know those who are already getting prepared, have many books and resources to take preparation. But, you don’t know or didn’t make a plan for primary job preparation study. So, read this part very carefully.

Surely speaking, you will be benefited from my suggestion.

Read previous questions

You can’t start any kind of job preparation without seeing the previous question. Someone starts to take preparation without reading the previous question. I don’t know how they understand question patterns.

I request to you, please see the previous question. You can more updates than others.

So, now you have a question, how I can manage the previous year’s questions? No problem, you can buy a guide. You will get suggestions and total guidelines for the previous year’s questions. The book’s name is Professor’s primary school guidebook.

First, your only work is reading all the previous year’s questions. Then, try to identify which questions you didn’t solve. Find out those questions from which topics. Start reading again from your preparation materials books.

Then, again try to solve it. I think, now you have been able to solve all questions. In this way, you should practice the previous question some days later. You should be careful about this part. Moreover, for some of the questions from previous years, you can common the same question.

Primary school job preparation Bangla

You have Bangla 2nd paper Nine – Ten textbooks. It’s the best book for Bangla Grammar. For this reason, as many Bangla Grammar question is a primary job, all the questions are from this book. So, you should read this book very attentively.

Some question is about Bangla literature. You can read MP3 Bangla George series books for literature.

Primary school job preparation English

I think you have already a type of English Grammar book. You can follow any book. But, you should practice the grammar part. If you have a Grammar book but there has no practice part.

So, you should buy an English grammar book. I suggest you buy Competitive English Grammar book by professor publication. From the first page to the last, you will read 2 or 3 times.

For memorizing part, you can follow from PC das English grammar book. If you don’t collect, you can read from Competitive English book. It’s also enough.

Furthermore, you can read from Professors’ primary school job guide book. It can be helpful for you.

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Primary school job preparation for Math

Have you some weaknesses in your math preparation? Are you searching for a suggestion to improve your Mathematical preparation? Don’t worry, I am with you. You just listen to my words with belief. Really working, my formula. Just apply.

Ok, I don’t talk much. You will buy Khairuls Basic Math book by Khairul Alam. After opening this book, first, you should see two times your math syllabus and with the previous year’s questions.

Now, it’s high time to open your book. You should tick marks in the context of which topics is in your syllabus. Now, Time to do math .try to do math some by one. Don’t rush. No need to do all math. Just try to do math only for Primary school job preparation.

Primary job preparation General knowledge

You can learn general knowledge from the MP3 Gorge series Bangladesh and International Affairs book. I personally like this book only because those books contain many previous job real questions with every lesson. You can practice from here.

Another matter is you should keep knowledge about current affairs. For this, you can update with newspapers. Moreover, you can buy some recent information books such as recent view, bulletin and so on.

Taking preparation from now

You want to take preparation after reading this article. I think you want to do that. So, what should you do? Which subject or topics do you want to start reading first?

Actually, you know better than me. But, I share with you core ideas.

First, take Professor’s primary school job guidebook. Try to read first to last. It is very important because when you can finish this book. You already prepare about 70% for the primary school job exam.

Now, you should find out which topics are very hard for you. Then note it down in your exercise book. First of all, you can read from your subject wise book such as Bangla Nine -Ten grammar book, English grammar book, etc.

If you want to start preparation today, you should practice math now. Because only math is a very big obstacle to getting a primary school job.

You can follow the math suggestion above. I am sure if you can follow all suggestions, surely you will get this government job.

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  • Don’t give bribes to anyone.
  • Without reading the previous question, don’t read any books.
  • Take preparation seriously.
  • Try to take preparation for an explanation.
  • Finally, wait a minimum of 1 year after starting preparation.

Nothing else, just start from now. If you delay, you will miss a great chance. Maybe you don’t know, primary school job preparation is very easy, if you start taking preparation every day.

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Article Credit : Halima Akter Hima

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