How to take Private Bank Job Preparation in 2023

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Can you tell me how many jobs are available with a 50k salary for a fresher graduate in Bangladesh?

You are thinking about multinational company jobs or autonomous organizations. But those are very few. After passing graduation, there are a large number of posts available. You will crack this chance only to take private bank job preparation.

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In Bangladesh, a 22 – 23 years young man can start high scale salary, high position career, build a home, and buy a car and so on. I think you say it’s impossible. But I will tell you, it’s really possible.

Let’s start to know. But please read carefully if you eagerly waiting for a good career with a private bank job.

Private Bank in Bangladesh

There are a total of 48 private banks while 9 foreign banks are currently operating in Bangladesh. And other 39 local private banks.

There are some categories of private bank. Such as.

Conventional private commercial bank

Almost 34 conventional private commercial banks are now operating in the industry. They perform the banking functions in conventional such as interest-based operations.

  1. AB Bank Limited
  2. Bangladesh Commerce Bank Limited
  3. Bank Asia Limited
  4. BRAC Bank Limited
  5. City Bank Limited
  6. Community Bank Bangladesh Limited
  7. Dhaka Bank Limited
  8. Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited
  9. Eastern Bank Limited
  10. IFIC Bank Limited
  11. Jamuna Bank Limited
  12. Meghna Bank Limited
  13. Mercantile Bank Limited
  14. Midland Bank Limited
  15. Modhumoti Bank Limited
  16. Mutual Trust Bank Limited
  17. National Bank Limited
  18. National Credit & Commerce Bank Limited
  19. NRB Bank Limited
  20. NRB Commercial Bank Ltd
  21. NRB Global Bank Ltd
  22. One Bank Limited
  23. Padma Bank Limited
  24. Premier Bank Limited
  25. Prime Bank Limited
  26. Pubali Bank Limited
  27. Standard Bank Limited
  28. Shimanto Bank Ltd
  29. Southeast Bank Limited
  30. South Bangla Agriculture and Commerce Bank Limited
  31. Trust Bank Limited
  32. United Commercial Bank Ltd
  33. Uttara Bank Limited
  34. Bengal Commercial Bank Ltd

Islami Shariah Based Private Commercial Bank

There are 08 Islami Shariah-based private commercial bank in Bangladesh and they execute banking activities according to Islami Shariah-based principles that means profit-loss sharing.

  1. Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited
  2. EXIM Bank Limited
  3. First Security Islami Bank Limited
  4. ICB Islamic Bank Limited
  5. Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited
  6. Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited
  7. Social Islami Bank Limited
  8. Union Bank Ltd

Foreign commercial banks

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Total 09 foreign commercial bank are operating in Bangladesh as the branches of the banks which are incorporated in abroad.

  1. Bank Al-Falah Limited (Pakistan)
  2. Citibank N.A (United States of America)
  3. Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC (Sri Lanka)
  4. Habib Bank Limited (Pakistan)
  5. HSBC (Hong Kong)
  6. National Bank of Pakistan (Pakistan)
  7. Standard Chartered Bank (United Kingdom)
  8. State Bank of India (India)
  9. Woori Bank (South Korea)

You have seen there are many private bank in Bangladesh. So, we can say private bank job is available. But someone tell us private bank job means pressure, target and no job security. But it’s not true at all. There are many good aspects also.

Private Bank Job Preparation

Maybe you are a private bank job seeker. If you are really interested in a private bank job, try to read this article top to bottom. Because I am going to share with you how to take private bank job preparation easily and quickly. I will try to give you a lot of secret suggestion that you can apply then you will be successful in your preparation.

Private Bank Job Marks Distribution

Private bank job total marks are 100 numbers. In 100 numbers, 70 – 75 marks are MCQ and other 25 – 30 marks are Descriptive questions.

There are some subjects for private bank job mcq questions. Such as,

  • Math
  • English
  • Analytical Ability
  • Computer and IT related knowledge
  • General knowledge

There is no specific marks distribution that how many numbers of specific subjects. Because every private bank job circular is different.

Descriptive questions can be Math, English, Analytical ability and contemporary issues. You have to write your own perspective. Writing topic wise essay and translation Bangla to English and English to Bangla.

Previous years questions solve

Do you want to start your preparation for a private bank job? My first suggestion for you to read previous years’ questions. But how will you get those questions? There are many books in the market but I like Professor’s previous question bank book. This book’s name is “Key to Private Bank Job”. It is Professor’s publications book.

You should read this book three times. Because, if you want to attend private bank job, you should know previous years questions. You already all private bank exams not held together. So, when you apply a specific bank, you should find out previous years this bank questions.

Private bank job questions is made by Dhaka University MBA institutions. So, I personally suggest to you reading MBA test exam previous years questions. It’s secret suggestion. Because, many students don’t know this.

Math preparation fo private bank job

Mathematics is very important for a private bank job. In the question paper, the math question is more than other topics. But everyone can’t answer this math question. The only reason that math question is very uncommon with reading materials. It’s totally different from any other math exam. So, now the question is how will I get numbers and solve the math question.

I will suggest you try to be very attentive and careful about math. Because, you will not get common. From now you will do math with total ideas. Try to understand specific Mathematical topics. It will be beneficial for you. Because, you will get common topics not same math’s.

I will give you suggestions about math books. If you are very weak in Mathematics but you want to join a private bank job. Firstly, you should improve your basic knowledge of math. You can start with your basic. So, you will start with Khairuls Basic Math by Khairul Alam then Khairuls Advanced Math because this book has been made of Agarwal math’s books that are very important for private bank math. Then you should read Khairuls Bank Math.

I suggested to you those books have been written same writer only because of you can do math easily without anyone help. Hopefully, you are already expert at math.

But now you should test yourself by solving the previous year’s private bank question. You should take the first key to private bank job books. Mark all math question and try to solve. Note down on your notebook that which questions you can’t solve. It is very important. Because it is your weak point or topic. If you recover these topics, you will be an expert at math.

If you want to reach advanced level your preparation, you can solve MBA admission test question. You will get Saifurs MBA admission test previous years questions. It is very helpful for you.

English preparation for private bank job

Everyone said, who are already joined private bank, English is a key to success of private bank. So, how much important English are. English preparation means good at grammar, speaking and writing both.

If you want to prepare from basic level. You should read a passage to the English language by S.M Zakir Hossain. Then Saifurs Bank English book. Besides those books you should read Saifurs MBA English books.

You can read also The Bible of English for competitive exam by Rahman Publications. For vocabulary preparation, you can read Word smart or Saifurs vocabulary.

I will share with you a secret strategy to improve your English preparation that is try to be focused on specific topics not a book. Because when you really know about a topic completely. You can give answer any questions. It is really amazing. You know that English grammar topics is very few. Almost 20-22 topics only. If you try to learn one by one topics. You will be able to answer any private bank job English question.

For the writing section, I will suggest you write something about contemporary issues. It’s very much helpful. Because when you attend a private bank job, you will have 1 hour but you have to give an answer MCQ and Written part together at the same time. If your writing skill is not good enough, you can’t overcome your job exam. So, writing skill is very important.

You should start from English newspaper editorial. Because, it is very advanced writing with contemporary topics. You will be good at English writing if you can practice every day.

Analytical Ability preparation for private bank Job

Analytical Ability is a very tough subjects for private bank job. Private bank authority are tried to find out expert employee. So, they are very alert to make analytical ability question. So, those questions is very hard. You can good at analytical ability. If you can practice regularly.

Now, question is which books are best for analytical ability. I will not suggest you any kind of books first. But I prefer to read previous year’s private bank job questions first. Because when you will try to solve previous years analytical Ability question. You can understand which topics are hard.

Then you can read Saifurs Analytical ability book for private bank job. Another important book is Khairuls Mental ability book. You can be benefited from those books. Don’t read generally but practice every day.

Now, the last stage is you should practice MBA admission test exam questions. It is very important for you because all private bank mental ability questions are like MBA admission test exam questions.

Computer and IT for private bank job preparation

In market, you will get many books for computer and IT related job books. But I personally like Easy computer book and HSC computer shikkha by Mujibur Rahman. You can read also HS ICT book. It may be helpful for you.

To be good at Computer and IT questions for private bank job, I will suggest you to read properly when you read text book. Try to understand not memories any topics. If you read by maintaining my suggestion. I hope you will be successful quickly.

In this subject, you will see previous year’s questions. Because without previous years questions reading, you can’t understand how about computer and IT questions.

General knowledge for private bank job preparation

General knowledge is not more important at all for private bank job. Because in total questions, private bank authority is made English, maths and IT-related question more. So you can relax from general knowledge preparation. But there are very few general knowledge questions in a private bank job. So, you should updates contemporary issues and try to relate contemporary matters with general knowledge questions. So, you should collect a general knowledge book. You can buy MP3 International Affairs by George series book.

Descriptive questions

You already know, every private bank has written exam. It is known to descriptive questions. There is no different time to written exam. So, you should good at your writing skill. With MCQ exam, you will be attend written exam. So, you should prepare any kind of writing skill.

In descriptive questions, you will get English essay, Translation Bangla to English and English to Bangla. If you’re writing skills is so good. So, you will be able to write very easily.

Most of the time English essay is to contemporary topics or trending topics. Si, you should make a habit to read newspaper. Because, you will gather more knowledge from newspaper. If you already know this topics, you can write properly. Before exam period, you should do practice in your home.

Translation is a very important topics any kind of exam. So, if you really expert on translation, you will get advantage of any kind of job exam. But you are not good at translation. So, you can follow my suggestion.

You will start from newspaper editorial page. From a Bangla newspaper you will try to translation in English. I know it is very tough when you start first but after some days later you will be expert on translation. By same method, you can follow to translation from English newspaper editorial to Bangla translation. It can be helpful to progress your preparation.

Viva Exam preparation for private bank job

It is said that viva exam is an equally important to get private bank job. Sometimes, they are taken presentation in viva exam.

You should know about this private company which company you are going to attend the viva exam. You should know about process of private banking sector.

I will suggest you, to meet someone who are already joined to private bank as a employee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can a fresher join private banking job?

Ans: Actually many of fresher’s graduates start his first job in private banking jobs. If you are a fresher’s graduate but want to do a job in a private bank job, you should try to take preparation soon. Firstly, you will collect the previous year’s question bank. Then find out your weakness. Then try to recover. To know more details you can read this article.

  • What is the procedure to get job in private bank?

Ans: Firstly, you have to apply any kind of private bank. Then attend to private bank job exam. It is 100 marks exam within 1 hour. But you have to MCQ and Written exam at same time. Then you have to face viva exam. It is very important to get private bank job. After then, if you select to attend private bank job. You can join within 2 -3 months.

  • Is private bank job good?

Yes, private bank job is good. If you want to make good career quickly as well as take pressure and make fulfill target.

  • Which private bank is best for job?

Ans: It is a really interesting question and equally important for us. I personally think Islamic Shariah Based Private Commercial Bank is best for private bank jobs. Those banking activities according to Islami shariah-based principles that mean profit-loss sharing. You can see Islami Shariah based private commercial bank list.

Hopefully, you read this article. I am trying to write completely about private bank job preparation. You will be successful in your private bank job if you can maintain those suggestions seriously. At the end of the day, you will be successful if you take it seriously.

On the other hand, you can read government bank job preparation, if you want to attend a government bank job.

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